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RIP: Boogaloo Blog! Long live the Boogaloo Bag!

Boogaloo Blog is being discontinued!

Due to the capricious nature (to put it politely) of the host entity (blog dot com), the Boogaloo Blog will be discontinued. The further adventures of the Boogaloo Omnibus will now be posted in the Boogaloo Bag! The Bag will contain the same Boogaloo content as before, but will appear in a more timely manner and will rarely be off-line. Check to see what is in The Bag as often as you can!!

Dig the heavy new Boogaloo at the Boogaloo Bag!!!

Thanks for all your support over the years.

Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus


Midnight Boogaloo!!!

DJs Josh Styles and Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus swing at Midnight Feelings!

Our pal Josh Styles is quite possibly the best sixties music DJ in New York City. He always presented fabulous records when he was guest DJ at Subway Soul Club. Every night he has hosted has been with excellent taste. His late, lamented, Smashed! Blocked!, which he co-hosted with Peppermintwist, was one of the best DJ nights ever. Styles has recently started a new night called Midnight Feelings. It is named after an old cult movie, it is held at a Lower East Side club called Leftfield, and it has brought back much of the music (Mod, Freak Beat, R&B, Garage Rock, Soul), vibe and excitement of Smashed! Blocked!, complete with Go-Go dancer Anna Copa Cobanna!

For the December 6 installment of Midnight Feelings, Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus was asked to be the guest DJ and was happy to oblige. Although the night could have used a few more bodies on the dance floor (a cold bitter rain certainly kept folks away), as soon as the word gets out that Josh Styles is up to his old, groovy tricks and is back in classic form, Midnight Feelings is going to be THE place to swing whenever it happens!

Here’s a list of the trash thrown down by the Phast One:

  • Dick Dale and His Del-Tones–Watusi Jo (Capitol)
  • Casey Jones and the Governors–Jack the Ripper (Golden 12; Germany)
  • The Batmen–Batman (CBS; Germany)
  • Maggie Thrett–Soupy (DynoVoice)
  • Norman T. Washington–Tip Toe (SLD; France)
  • Davy “Bang Bang” Jones and the Voodoo Funk Machine–Sookie Sookie (Philips; France)
  • The Clungels–Do the Dog (Artone; Netherlands)
  • The Who–The Last Time (Track; UK)
  • The Other Half–Mr. Pharmacist (GNP Crescendo)
  • Dave Clark Five–I Need Love (Columbia; Germany)
  • Jimmy Hanna with the Dynamics–Leavin’ Here (Seafair Bolo)
  • Big Mama Thornton and Her Houndogs–Wade in the Water (Arhoolie)
  • The Moments–You Really Got Me (World Artists)
  • The Del-Vetts–Last Time Around (Dunwich)
  • Billy Clark with the Maskman–Soul Party (Part I) (Disc A-Z; France)
  • Nick Ayoub–Piment Rouge (Caprice; Canada)
  • Os Baobás–Pintada De Preto [Painted Black] (Mocambo; Brazil)
  • Manuel and the Renegades–Trans-Miss-Yen (Piper)
  • Les Sharks featuring Gérard Huge–Mongo (RCA Victor Canada International; Canada)
  • Las Moskas–Mony Mony (CBS; Mexico)
  • Bad & Good Boys–Fire (M.O.C.)
  • Butch Baker–The Jocker (Cherub)
  • Jackie Wilson–A Lovely Way to Die (Brunswick/Outta Sight; UK)
  • The Symphonics–(Feet) Don’t Fail Me Now (Brunswick)
  • Les Bel Air–1000 Danses [ Land of 1000 Dances ] (Télédisc; Canada)
  • John Hill–Get It (Amy)
  • George Young–Chicken Scratch (Columbia)
  • Charly Antolini–Charly’s Drums (BASF/Cornet; Germany)
  • The Nick Venet Orchestra–Main Theme From “Out of Sight” (Decca)
  • Pierre Perpall–Stop Il Faut Arreter (Citation; Canada)
  • K.J. Knight and the Niteriders–Mental Soul (Niterider Theme) (Sound Patterns)
  • Mel Taylor–Bang Bang Rhythm (Warner Bros.)

None of these records are for sale.


KA-POW!!! Goes on Vacation!

Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus and Mr. Vacation swing at KA-POW!!!

KA-POW!!! Is taking off in a major fashion! This ultra-sonic new DJ night, featuring host Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus and his fabulous friends, has become a superb hop for the super hip! It is held, periodically, whenever he gets a night at Coco 66—the revamped Greenpoint watering hole. Three of them have taken place already. The first, The Boog swung the night by his lonesome! The second one presented Lady Z, Queen of the Chicken Record. Longtime Bushwick resident Mr. Vacation made a much-appreciated call to arms for the third KA-POW!!!

Mr. Vacation is known for his harsh eclecticism—his record box can easily contain heavy metal, punk rock, reggae, soul, funk, garage rock, prog rock, Brazilian beats, Latin soul and Mod jazz. With this in mind, The Boog packed his box full of all sorts of stuff. However, Mr. Vacation, knowing that The Boog digs sixties soul and garage records the most, to say the least, brought mostly that stuff to the game! Therefore, it was as if The Boog was playing Mr. Vacation’s records and Mr. Vacation was playing The Boog’s records!

KA-POW!!! Indeed!!!

It was quite a night, and all who attended were totally gassed! Here’s a list of the records played by The Boog:

  • Jimmie Haskell–The James Bond Theme (Capitol)
  • Bocephus–Mental Revenge (Verve)
  • Joe Simon–I Got a Whole Lot of Lovin’ (Sound Stage 7)
  • The Turtles–Almost There (White Whale)
  • Amy Winehouse–You’re Wondering Now [from EP The Ska EP] (2 Soul; UK)
  • Jacky Delmone–Oui Je M’en Vais (CBS; Netherlands)
  • Johnny Clarke–Dread a Dread (Jaguar; Jamaica)
  • Burning Spears–Traveling (Clocktower)
  • Soul Brothers Six–Drive (Atlantic)
  • Lunar Funk–Space Monster (Bell)
  • Lenny Williams–Feelin’ Blue (Galaxy)
  • The Electric Flag–Groovin’ Is Easy (Columbia)
  • The Count Bishops–Train Train (Chiswick; UK)
  • The Feelies–Raised Eyebrows (Rough Trade; UK)
  • Dellie Hoskie and Their Natural Selves–The Clown (Noble)
  • Slim Harpo–I’ve Got My Finger on Your Trigger (Excello)
  • The Bobby Williams Group–Boogaloo Mardi Gras Pt. 2 (Capitol)
  • The Pebbles–Don’t Come Running to Me (Parlophone; Australia)
  • Yuzo Kayama–Shake Shake (Toshiba; Japan)
  • Bill Haley and His Comets–Lean Jean (Decca)
  • Bill Wray and His Show Band Royale–Morning Dew (Warner Bros.)
  • La La Brooks of the Crystals–Play With Fire (Norton)
  • Criminals–The Kids Are Back (Sing Sing)
  • Dr. Feelgood–Back in the Night (United Artists; UK)
  • John Lee Hooker–Boogie With the Hook (ABC)
  • Jack Costanzo–Barracuda (Liberty)
  • Star-Tels–Exterminator Man (Lamarr)
  • Clarence Reid–Master Piece (Alston)
  • Ironing Board Sam–Original Funky Bell Bottom (Googa-Mooga; France)
  • Dave Baby Cortez–Twang Taang (Sound Pak)
  • Billy Sha-Rae–Do It (Spectrum)
  • Troubled Soul–Funky Me Part #1 (Crowbar)
  • Aswad–Three Babylon (Island; UK)
  • The Gayletts–Son of a Preacherman (Steady)
  • Seguida–Mambo Rock (Fania)
  • Leo Acosta–Marimba Boogaloo (Capitol; Mexico)
  • Bonzo Dog Band–I’m the Urban Spaceman (United Artists)
  • The Mothers of Invention–Lonely Little Girl (Verve)
  • Godfrey Daniel–Woodstock (Atlantic)
  • Ted Lyons & His Cubs–Jan Pehechan Ho (Capitol Soul Sinners; Europe)
  • The Rumblers–It’s a Gas (Dot)
  • The Edgar Broughton Band–Apache Drop Out (Harvest; UK)
  • The Mothers of Invention–My Guitar (Bizarre)
  • Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band–Low Yo Yo Stuff (Reprise)
  • The Fall–Victoria (Beggars Banquet; UK)
  • The Who–Under My Thumb (Track; UK)
  • The Jam–Strange Town (Polydor; UK)
  • Blue–So Sad ‘Bout Us (Iris)
  • Brenda & the Tabulations–Scuze Uz Y’all (Top and Bottom)
  • Johnny Tolbert and De Thangs–Take It Off – Part I (Atlantic)
  • Harvey Scales–(Leave It For) The Trashman (Cadet Concept)
  • The Incredible Bongo Band–When the Bed Breaks Down I’ll Meet You in the Spring (Pride)
  • Butterball–Butterballs (Part 1) (Fast Eddie)
  • Dexy’s Midnight Runners–Geno (Late Night Feelings; UK)
  • Gino Washington–Gino Is a Coward (Ric-Tic)
  • Pigmeat Markham–Sock It To ‘Em Judge (Chess)
  • T.J.K. and His P.S. 13 Blues Band–Boo Goo Loo Baby (Parkway)
  • Little Eva–Let’s Start the Party Again (Dimension)
  • The Uptowns–Asiatic Flu (Laurie)
  • Johnny Zamot–Johnny’s Boogaloo (Decca)
  • Ray Barretto–Soul Drummers (Fania)
  • Hector Rivera–At the Party (Barry)
  • The Bamboos–Tighten Up (Kay-Dee)
  • Dandy Livingstone–Rudy A Message to You (Trojan Germany)
  • Carl Burrell–I Love a Lover (Arrawak)
  • The Maytones; G.G. All Stars–The Hop (Strakers)
  • The Wailers–Jerk in Time (Coxsone / Dubstore; Japan)
  • Bassett Hand–The Happy Organ Shake (Josie)
  • Fleetwood Mac–Oh Well – Part I (Reprise)
  • Golden Earlings–Rum and Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola Export Corporation; Netherlands)
  • The Above–My Love (Killer Diller)
  • Dino Desi & Billy–Look Out Girls (Here We Come) (Reprise)
  • Nina Simone–Revolution (Part I) (RCA Victor)
  • Eddie Gale–Black Rhythm Happening (Blue Note)
  • Chris Jones–I’m the Man (Goodie Train)
  • Johnny Talbot and the De-Thangs–Pickin Cotton (Jasman)
  • Barry Jones–Turkey Walk (Back Beat)
  • Casey and the Pressure Group–Powerhouse (Wizdom)
  • John Paul–I’m a Bad Son-Of-A-Gun (Philips)
  • Johnny Soul–A Dance Call (You Cookin With Soul) Pt. I ()
  • Benny Westmore and His Private Numbers–(I’m gonna Live Till I’m) One Hundred Years Old (Papa Bill)
  • Zip & the Zippers–Gig (Pageant)
  • Bey Ireland–All I Want for Christmas Is a Go-Go Girl (Newport)
  • The Squares–Davey’s Drag (Tell)
  • Screaming Dizbüsters–This Ain’t the Summer of Love (Amigo; Sweden)
  • The Troggs–Come Now (Page One)
  • Stalkers–Take It or Leave It (Norton)
  • Garland Jeffreys–Wild in the Streets (Atlantic)
  • Charles Chalmers–Poppin’ (Chess)

None of these records are for sale.


KA-POW!! Eat That Chicken!!

The first of two KA-POWs in five days took place on Wednesday, November 27, at Coco 66 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Since it was the evening before Thanksgiving, you just know that guest DJ Lady Z and host Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus spun several songs with food as a theme.

Lady Z cues another chicken record at KA-POW!!

Freshly relocated to Brooklyn, Lady Z is nationally and internationally known as the Queen of the Chicken Record. She more than lived up to the title when she devoted nearly an entire 30-minute set to the playing of songs about that fabulous fowl! Many of the songs referred to the dance called “the Chicken,” of course, but some others had actually clucking and cockadooling (rooster records are also considered chicken records). “Crazy Chicken” indeed!

For his part, The Boog followed this feat with ten songs in a row about eating and drinking, ending the only way it could: with Junior Wells’ “Stomach Ache!” Here’s a list of all the songs played by The Boog:

  • Cliff Davis and the Turbo-Jets–Let It Roll (Part 1) (Federal)
  • K.J. Knight and the Niteriders–Mental Soul (Niterider Theme) (Sound Patterns)
  • Russ Lewis–Brand New Recipe (Sharp)
  • Gene Miller–Sho Is Good (Hi)
  • Roscoe Robinson–What Makes a Man Do Wrong (Tuff)
  • Gloria Brown–Looking for My Baby (Checker)
  • Aretha Franklin–Rough Lover (Columbia)
  • The Marquis with Alsfonse Brown & Tune Toppers–Popcorn Willie (Rainbow)
  • Dee Dee Sharp–Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes) (Cameo)
  • Jerry Reed and the Hully Girlies–Twist-A-Roo (Columbia)
  • Lonnie Russ–Them Greens (4J)
  • Lulu–I’ll Come Running (Parrot)
  • Timmy Shaw–If I Catch You (Running Around) (Wand)
  • Yvonne Fair & James Brown Band–I Found You (King)
  • Brook Benton–Come on Back (Mercury)
  • Tony Roman–Niki Hoeky (Canusa; Canada)
  • James Dixon–You Got to Move (Checker)
  • Noe Pro and the Semitones–Come Along My Baby (And Dance With Me) (Mercury)
  • Brenda Lee–Coming on Strong (Decca)
  • Les Mersey’s–T’en Fais Pas Jacques (Hit the Road Jack) (Premiére; Canada)
  • Little Willie John–Come on Sugar (King)
  • Little Johnny Taylor–Zig Zag Lightning (Galaxy)
  • Soul Brothers Six–You Better Check Yourself (Atlantic)
  • Gene McDaniels–’Cause I Love You so (Columbia)
  • Group Axis–Smokestack Lightning (Atco)
  • Dave Clark Five–Little Bitty Pretty One (Capitol; Canada)
  • Thurston Harris–Be Baba Leba (Aladdin)
  • The Staple Singers–Deliver Me (Epic)
  • Rick Lancelot–Hoo Doo Man (RCA Victor)
  • Billy Gayles with Ike Turner’s Rhythm Rockers–I’m Tore Up (Federal)
  • George Hudson–I’m Popeye the Sailor Man (Capitol)
  • Aaron Neville–Space Man (Parlo)
  • Los Belking’s–Bolido de Fuego (Virrey; Peru)
  • Johnny Sayles–I Can’t Get Enough of Your Love (St. Lawrence)
  • Eddie Lovette–Boomerang (Steady)
  • Roosevelt Fountain and the Pens of Rhythm–Red Pepper I (Prince-Adams)
  • Les Cooper and the Soul Rockers–I Can Do the Soul Jerk (Arrawak)
  • Little Walter–Diggin’ My Potatoes (Checker)
  • The Marquees–Christmas in the Congo (Warner Bros.)
  • The Ramrocks–Lasagna (Press)
  • The Dells–The (Bossa Nova) Bird (Argo)
  • Fats Domino–Land of 1000 Dances (ABC-Paramount; France)
  • Margie Hendrix–(I’ve Got) Your Mama’s Recipe (Sound Stage 7)
  • Little June & His Januarys—Burgers, Fries & Shakes (Salem)
  • Thurston Harris with Earl Palmer and Band–One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer (Aladdin)
  • Les Gamblers–The Hog (Barclay; France)
  • King Coleman–The Mash Potato Man (Togo)
  • Earl Hooker–Chicken (C.J.)
  • The Metronomes–The Chickie-Goo (Maureen)
  • Earl (Good-rockin) Brown–Mary’s House Party (Shirley)
  • Lord Lebby with the Caribs–Caladonia (R&B; Jamaica)
  • Toots & the Maytals–Louie Louie (Jaguar)
  • Toño Quirazco y Su Conjunto–Boogaloo de Broadway (Orfeon; Mexico)
  • Jim Doval and the Gaucho’s–Mama Keep Yo! Big Mouth Shut (Diplomacy)
  • Howlin’ Wolf–Do the Do (Chess)
  • The Underbeats–Shake It for Me (Soma)
  • Mighty Joe Young–Ain’t Nobody Home (U.S.A.)
  • Don and the Upbeats–Night Train (Lana)
  • The Fascinators–Fried Chicken and Macaroni (Capitol)
  • Little Bob–I Got Loaded (La Louisianne)
  • Ace Cannon–Drunk (Hi)
  • Gino Washington–Doing the Pop Corn (Atac)
  • Obie Plenty–Beef Stew (Verve)
  • The Virginia Wolves–B.L.T. (Amy)
  • Bobby Hatfield–Hot Tamales (Moonglow)
  • The Living End–Turkey Stomp (Mira)
  • Elijah and the Ebonies–Hot Grits!!! (Capsoul)
  • Jack Costanzo, Mr. Bongo–Chicken and Rice (Discomoda; Colombia)
  • Junior Wells–(I Got A) Stomach Ache (Vanguard)
  • Elmo James–Rollin’ and Tumblin’ (Sphere Sound)
  • Zoé–Avant Qu’on Ait Vingt Ans (Monte-Carlo; Fance)
  • The Runabouts–Pink Socks (Columbia)
  • The Coasters–Saturday Night Fish Fry (Atco)
  • Bo Diddley–Hey Good Lookin’ (Checker)
  • The Exceptions–Down by the Ocean (Pro)
  • Lefty Frizzell–You’re Humbuggin’ Me (Columbia)
  • Little Eddie & His Starlites–Corpus Christi (Goldband)
  • John Fred and the Playboys–Shirley (Montel)
  • Betty James–I’m Not Mixed Up Anymore (Chess)
  • Jay and the Techniques–Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie (Smash)
  • Barbara George–Something You Got (Seven B)
  • Merv Benton–Yield Not to Temptation (Marvel)
  • Buddy Miller–Little Bo Peep (Band Box)
  • Jerry Lee Lewis–Baby Hold Me Close (Smash)
  • Eddie “Blues Man” Kirkland–Chill Me Baby (Prestige)
  • Little Booker–Open the Door (Ace)
  • Johnny Bragg and the Marigolds–Juke Box Rock and Roll (Excello)
  • Earl King–Don’t You Lose It (Post)
  • B.B. “Blues Boy” King and His Orch.–Let’s Do the Boogie (RPM)
  • The Shoestring–Shoop-De-Hoop-Twine (20th Century-Fox)
  • James Brown–Chonnie-On-Chon (Federal)
  • Nolan Strong and the Diablos–Blue Moon (Fortune)

None of these records are for sale.

Here are a couple of the cool records played by Lady Z. Unfortunately, the official Wang Dang Doodle photographer was too busy dancing to take photos of any of Lady Z’s chicken records! Click on the image and it will big-o-fi!


Wang Dang Doodle + Record Fair = Big Happening!!!

Dave the Spazz, Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus and Hiroshi swing at the Wang Dang Doodle!

The WFMU Record Fair, along with the Allentown 45s & 78s Only Record Show, is among the high holy days of record collectordom. Many of the record shows in the greater New York City area seem to be merely a bunch of people wheeling and dealing records. The WFMU Record Fair has over a hundred dealers from all over the country—indeed, the world!—gathered together in a giant room (The Metropolitan Pavilion) to sell their special wares over three days. Due the far reach of the radio station (via airwaves as well as interwebs), and especially due to it’s eclectic programming and devout listenership, the WFMU Record Fair brings out some pretty heavy record dealers and record buyers.  Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus has attended this event religiously since the very first one, scoring many of the fine recordings that he plays at his DJ gigs.

Speaking of DJ gigs; November 22, 2013 was not only the first day of the WFMU Record Fair, but the night of The Wang Dang Doodle, held at The Commodore in Williamsburg, hosted by The Boog with guest DJs Hiroshi from Tokyo (in town for, you guessed it, the WFMU Record Fair) and Dave the Spazz (who hosts his own radio show on WFMU). In fact, several of the records played by The Boog (noted with an asterisk) were among those played at The Wang! See the complete list below:

  • Twistin’ Kings–White House Twist (Motown)*
  • The Periscopes–Beaver Shot (Bacchus Archives/Dionysus)
  • Jimmy Null and the Geminii Four–(Skunky Junky Ooey Goody Icky Sticky Chuncky Chewey) Green Cheese (Witch)
  • The Snobs–Buckle Shoe Stomp (London)
  • Joan Proctor–Matchmaker (How Low Can You Go) (New-Art)
  • The Accents–100 Wailin’ Cats (Jive!!)*
  • The Ambertones–Charlena (G.N.P. Crescendo)
  • The Music Explosion–Can’t Stop Now (Laurie)
  • Tom Jones–Looking Out My Window (Parrot)
  • Neil Darrow–Somethin’ You Got (Swan)
  • Chuck and Cleo–Baby (Blue Rock)
  • Perez Prado Y Su Orquesta–Mambo de King Kong (Inlopesa; Peru)
  • The Remo Four–Peter Gun (Star-Club; Germany)
  • Gene Franklin & the House Rockin’ Spacemen–Hackensack Part I (Alton)
  • Billy Lee Riley–Valley of Dolls (Mojo)
  • The Crawdaddys–Why Don’t You Smile Now (Voxx)
  • The Highlights–Ah So (Play)*
  • Terry & the Bunnys–Let’s Go Shake (Seven Seas; Japan)
  • The Spiders–Boom Boom (Philips; Japan)
  • Bunnys–Taiyo No Hana (Seven Seas; Japan)
  • Otis Redding–I Can’t Turn You Loose (Volt)
  • The Pacesetters–The Monkey Whip (Correc-Tone)
  • The Thirteenth Floor Elevators–Levitation (International Artists)
  • Pat & the Californians–Be Billy (Downey)
  • King Size Taylor and the Dominoes–I Can Tell (Midnight)
  • Dave Bartholomew–Shrimp & Gumbo (Imperial)
  • Ninapinta and His Bongos and Congas–(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (Decca)*
  • Wynder K. Frog–I’m a Man (United Artists)
  • The Andrew Oldham Orchestra–I Get Around (Parrot)
  • Beachnuts–Cycle Annie [from EP Primitive: Pre-Velvets] (no label)
  • The Inmates–I’ve Got a Tiger in My Tank (Epic)
  • Tico and the Triumphs–Motorcycle (Amy)
  • Godfrey Daniel–Dance to the Music (Atlantic)
  • The Redwoods–Shake Shake Sherry (Epic)*
  • The Contours–First I Look at the Purse (Gordy)
  • Howlin’ Wolf–Killing Floor (Chess)
  • Eric Burdon and the Animals–Help Me Girl (M-G-M)
  • Les Preachers–Dis-Moi Si Tu M’Aimes (Plaza; Canada)*
  • Les Nobels–Hanky Panky (Télédisc; Canada)
  • Ricardo Ray–Mony Mony (Alegre)
  • Combo Kings–Batman a Go Go (Jamie)
  • Joey Roberts–La La La La La (Cameo)
  • Little Stevie Wonder–Contract on Love (Tamla)*
  • The Tomboys–I’d Rather Fight Than Switch (Swan)
  • The Lockets–Don’t Cha Know (Argo)
  • Paul Revere and the Raiders–Him Or Me – What’s It Gonna Be? (Columbia)
  • Dave Lewis–Jack Daniel’s Green (Panorama)
  • The Uniques–Run and Hide (Paula; Canada)
  • The Del-Vetts–Last Time Around (Dunwich)*
  • Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs–Mary Lee (M-G-M; France)
  • The Daylighters–Oh Mom (Teach Me How to Uncle Willie) (Tip Top)
  • Jimmy Hughes–Hi-Heel Sneakers (Fame)
  • Chuck Berry–I’m Talking About You (Chess)
  • Brian Poole and the Tremeloes–I Go Crazy (Audio Fidelity)
  • Leroy Jones–Baby Workout (HIT)
  • The Hi-Lites–Hey Baby (Wassel)
  • Blues Magoos–Tobacco Road (Mercury)
  • Bo Diddley–Monkey Diddle (Checker)
  • Gil Hamilton–Move & Groove (Vee Jay)*
  • The T-Birds–Hog Wild (Chess)

None of these records are for sale!

Photo gallery of some of the exciting records played at The Wang Dang Doodle. Click on the image and it will be Big-O-fied.


Copycat Playoff Series Special!

DJ Xerox swings as Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus prepares to spin a Smokey Robinson & the Miracles 45!

It’s been stated many times on the Boogaloo Blog that Copycat Tribute Night—the night of cover songs hosted by DJ Xerox—is one of the most fun nights on the planet. Xerox rounds up a few bands to play the songs of an artist that tribute is being paid to and DJs spin only cover songs at Otto’s Shrunken Head in Manhattan. Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus has been happy to DJ at two or three of these events a year.  On November 13, The Boog was invited to spin records for a tribute to The Bee Gees.

Those who know The Boog may be aware of such non-DJ activities as playing softball that he partakes in. In the fall, he plays for a team called The Bilge Rats in a night league, under the lights, in Red Hook, Brooklyn. This year, The Bilge Rats did rather well, winning games and advancing with each playoff series.

On Wednesday, November 13, Copycat Tribute Night and the Kings County Softball League converged in a manner that necessitated a body-double for The Boog. The league championship was scheduled on the same night that Copycat was to take place! In order to get as many games played as possible, the league insists that the two teams involved play a best-two-out-of-three series all in one night. The Bilge Rats won the first game, lost the second (The Boog pitched poorly, unfortunately), which meant a third game had to be played. The tie-breaker was a close game, but the other team prevailed in the end. Congratulations to The Macheteros. (By the way, these games were played in mid-thirties degree weather—yes it was cold!)

The Boog finally got to Otto’s Shrunken Head around 1:00AM. The bands had all finished, but a handful of The Boog’s friends were still in the club—including members of two of his fave new pop combos, Quitty & the Don’ts and The Lunar Orbits. DJ Xerox turned the turntables over to The Boog and he proceeded to play the following records:

Alton Ellis–Massachusetts  [from LP Alton Ellis Sings Rock and Soul] (CoxSone; Jamaica)
James Carr–To Love Somebody (Goldwax)
The Dirtbombs–No Expectations (Norton)
Patti Smith Group–(So You Want to Be) A Rock & Roll Star (Arista)
The Real Impossibles–Cherry Cherry (Backlash)
Los Mustang–No Hay Mas Que Ver (Ride My See Saw) (La Voz de Su Amo; Spain)
Freddy-Henchi & the Soulsetters–Folsom Prison (Tower)
The Shirelles–No Sugar Tonight (RCA)
Smokey Robinson & the Miracles–Abraham Martin and John (Tamla)
The Fleshtones–Ride Your Pony (I.R.S.)
The Thirteenth Floor Elevators–Before You Accuse Me (International Artists)
The Bee Gees–In My Own Time [from LP Bee Gee’s 1st] (Atco)
Horace Andy–Where Do the Children Play [from LP Best of Horace Andy] (United Artists)
Virginia Vee–I Can’t See Nobody (Polydor; France)
Deke Dickerson with Los Straitjackets–Bad Reputation (Spinout)
Sea Monkeys–Food Emporium (Vital Music)
The Dickies–Nights in White Satin (A&M)
The Pop!–I Need You (Back Door Man)
Christopher Milk–I Want to Hold Your Hand (Reprise)
The Soft Boys–Vegetable Man [from EP Near the Soft Boys] (Armageddon; UK)
The Jam–Stoned Out of My Mind (Polydor; UK)
The Untouchables–Agent 00 Soul (Enigma/Twist/Virgin; Europe)
Los Bravos–Como Nadie Mas (Like Nobody Else) (Columbia; Spain)
The Mirettes–To Love Somebody (Revue)
Sam Shay–Domino (Clan Celentano; Italy)
John Holt–Holly Holy (Shelter)
Don Costa and His Orchestra and Chorus–I Walk the Line (United Artists)

None of these record are for sale.


DYNAGROOVE is up to Nogood!

Nogood Nick and Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus swing at the DYNAGROOVE!

November’s DYNAGROOVE was another ear bending, solid sending, mind mending gas-o-rootie! Guest DJ Nogood Nick played some boss Mod Jazz 45s during his hour of groove power, then, at the end of the night, surprised everyone by jumping back into the DJ booth to battle it out with host DJ Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus, spinning funk and mambo records!

All of this madness went out over the web-o-net air-waves, as the DYNAGROOVE is now broadcast live on Teddy’s Radio Hour through the miracle of an exclusive, scientifically-developed, elektro-web-stream device that works with your web browser, via atomic-powered digital activities. In order to pick up the DYNAGROOVE in this futuristic manner, head over to the Teddy’s Website and click on the Teddy’s Radio Hour icon during the next DYNAGROOVE (December 13). Meanwhile, the DYNAGROOVE was recorded and Teddy’s highly trained tech people are sorting out the details in order to make it available to the many people whose legs must have been broken, keeping them from showing up at Teddy’s Bar & Grill in order to dig the scene in person.

Until the archived DYNAGROOVE is available, the Boogaloo Blog reader will have to content his or herself with reading the list of all the records played by Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus:

• Lester Young–Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid (Aladdin)
• Quartette Tres Bien–Three O’Clock in the Morning (Atlantic)
• Gene Norman Group–Masters of War (GNP Crescendo)
• Irma Thomas–Time Is on My Side (Imperial)
• Perez Prado and his Orchestra – The King of the Mambo–Tomcat Mambo (Pororiqueña) (RCA Victor)
• El Michels Affair–Run Fay Run (Truth & Soul)
• Michael Olatunji–Akiwowo (Chant to the Trainman) (Columbia)
• Barbara Lewis–Love Makes the World Go Round (Atlantic)
• Hank Levine and Orchestra–Image – Part 1 (ABC-Paramount)
• Freddy Robinson–Carmalita (Liberty)
• Bill Withers–Use Me (Sussex)
• Pretty Purdie–Soul Bossa Nova (Date)
• The Lafayettes–Life’s Too Short (RCA Victor)
• Jack McDuff–’Sokay (Prestige)
• Ersel Hickey–Bluebirds Over the Mountain (Epic)
• The Murmaids–Popsicles and Icicles (Chattahoochee)
• Earl Bostic and His Orchestra–Mambostic (King)
• David Newman–The Thirteenth Floor (Atlantic)
• Emile Straker and the Merrymen–Island Woman (Wirl; Barbados)
• Dr. John the Night Tripper–Mama Roux (Atco)
• The Larks–The Jerk (Money)
• Manfred Mann–Sweet Pea (Fontana; UK)
• Les McCann & Eddie Harris–Compared to What (Atlantic)
• Eddie Davis with the Paul Weeden Trio–Beano (Pt. I) (Prestige)
• Big Jack Reynolds–Made It Up in Your Mind (Mah’s)
• Peter Gunn–Ray Anthony and His Orchestra (Capitol)
• The Mothers of Invention–Dog Breath (Bizarre/Reprise)
• The Turtles–You Don’t Have to Walk in the Rain (White Whale)
• Dave Berry–This Strange Effect (London)
• Walter Lane Trio–Lovers Mambo (Rainbow)
• George Braith–Cantelope Woman (Prestige)
• Chico O’Farrill and His Orchestra–The Lady From Nine Flags (Impulse)
• The True Endeavor Jug Band with Sita–Jug Band Blues (Prestige)
• Jackie Edward & Soulmaker’s –The Vamp (Daran)
• Neil Wolfe–Mister Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Columbia)
• The Left Bank–Pretty Ballerina (Smash)
• Smokey Robinson & the Miracles–Doggone Right (Tamla)
• The Untouchable Sound – Bill Black’s Combo–Blues for the Red Boy (Hi)
• B.B. King–Summer in the City (ABC)
• Cannonball Adderley Quintet–This Here (Part I) (Riverside)
• Lou Donaldson–Hot Dog (Blue Note)
• Oliver Nelson–The Critics Choice (Impulse)
• Jackie Wilson and Count Basie–Chain Gang (Brunswick)
• Manfred Mann–My Little Red Book (Ascot)
• The Rolling Stones–Dandelion (London)
• Billy Strange–Goldfinger (GNP Crescendo)
• [artist not listed]–Cissy Strut (Hoctor)
• Moe Koffman Quartet–Little Pixie (Jubilee)
• Fred Ramirez–There Is a Mountain (Warner Bros.)
• Hommy Sanz Orguesta–Heart Full of Soul (Fonseca)
• Jet Harris–Chills and Fever (Decca; UK)
• Bob Dylan–Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window (Columbia)
• The New Breed–Sunny (Jamie)
• Dave and Ansell Collins–Monkey Spanner (Big Tree)
• Joe Quijano and His Orchestra–Saboo (Wabble-Cha) (Columbia)
• Benny Spellman–Fortune Teller (Minit)
• The Velvet Underground–What Goes On (M-G-M)
• Dion Di Muci–Unloved Unwanted Me (Columbia)
• Willene Barton and Her Trio–Bossa Nova Twist (Skymac)
• Georgie Fame–Beware of the Dog (Epic)
• The Golden Cups–My Love Only for You (Capitol; Japan)
• The Mothers of Invention–Who Are the Brain Police? (Verve)
• Len Barry–You’re My Picasso Baby (Amy)
• The Spellbinders–We’re Acting Like Lovers (Columbia)
• Swinging Soul Machine–Spooky’s Day Off (Polydor; Netherlands)
• Black Heat–The Jungle – Pt. I (Atlantic)
• The Interpretations–Jason Pew Mosso (Part 1) (Jubilee)
• The JB’s–Pass the Peas (People)
• Terry Reid–Super Lungs (Epic)
• The Who–Happy Jack (Decca)
• Quintette Plus–Work Song (SVR)
• Sarah Vaughan–Fever (Mercury)
• Wes Dakus–Midnight Hour (Capitol; Canada)
• Billy Butler and the Changers–Can’t Live Without Her (OKeh)
• The Parliaments–The Goose (That Laid the Golden Egg) (Revilot)
• The Fabulous Peps–I Can’t Get Right (Premium Stuff)
• Lonnie Smith–Move Your Hand (Blue Note)
• Southside Revue–Chittlins Part 1 (Mellow)
• Amy Winehouse–You’re Wondering Now [from EP The Ska EP] (2 Soul; UK)
• The Mohawks–Sound of the Witch Doctors (Cotillion)
• Mike Kelly–I Know (Megaphone)
• The Righteous Brothers Band–Rat Race (Verve)
• Dick Jensen–Girl Don’t Come (Mercury)
• King James & the Royals–Apple Cider (Bell)
• Toni Wine–River Deep – Mountain High (Senate)
• Tommy Roe–Come On (ABC-Paramount)
• Tommy James and the Shondells–Get Out Now (Roulette)
• Dee Irwin & Mamie Galore–Day Tripper (Imperial)
• The Touch–Pick and Shovel (Lecasver)
• The Southshore Commission–Right On Brother – Part I (Atlantic)
• Little Beaver–Party Down – Part 1 (Cat)
• Mongo Santamaria–Mongo’s Boogaloo (Columbia)
• King Floyd–Groove Me (Chimneyville)
• Bill Doggett–Choo Choo (Columbia)
• The T.S.U. Toronados–Play the Music Toronados (Volt)
• Joe Scott & His Orchestra–Suicide Is Painless (Mainstream)

None of these records are for sale.



KA-POW! is a brand new scene—host Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus spinning records on random nights at the boss new rock club Coco 66 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The Boog’s records have to compete with the noise of bands playing in the next room, so you know he’s got to pack some loud, rockin’ tunes!  On October 25, The Boog swung the joint as some Japanese bands ( The Nihon, Lust, Bakarocks) played in the showroom. Obviously, The Boog had to play some of his Japanese Group Sound records for the occasion. As one of these records was playing, a member of The Bakarocks told The Boog that the bass player in his band is the son of a member of The Tempters—one of the more popular Japanese bands! In his honor, the five picture sleeves of the 45s played by The Boog are displayed here. Click on them to big-O-fi them.

The next KA-POW! is scheduled to take place on November 27, the night before Thanksgiving. Expect The Boog to play a bunch of food records, perhaps even a battle of versions of “Green Onions!” Here’s a list of all the records played at the first KA-POW!

  • Roland Al & the Beverly’s All Stars–Soul Finger (Pyramid; UK)
  • Bobby Gregg–Walk On (Epic)
  • Episode Six–Morning Dew (Compass)
  • The Long Ryders–I Had a Dream (Zippo; UK)
  • The Move–Omnibus (Polydor; Austria)
  • Jerry Foster–That’s All Right Mama (Spar)
  • Gene Cornish with the Tomlin Sisters–Let’s Do the Capri (Dawn)
  • Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames–Madness [from EP Rhythm and Blue-Beat] (Columbia; UK)
  • Shorty Long–Out to Get You (Soul)
  • Dorothy Berry–I Say, You’re Driving Me Crazy (Little Star)
  • Bud Spudd and the Sprouts–The Mash (EM)
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival–Run Through the Jungle (Fantasy)
  • The Pop!–Down on the Boulevard (Black Door Man)
  • Dr. Feelgood–Milk and Alcohol (United Artists; UK)
  • Elliott Murphy–Last of the Rock Stars (Polydor)
  • The Tears–Weatherman (Scorpio)
  • Hollywood Hillbillys–The Lonely Surf Monster (Hollywood Hillbillys)
  • Hasil Adkins–Big Red Satellite (Norton)
  • Vince Taylor and His Playboys–Brand New Cadillac (Chiswick; UK)
  • Ronny and the Daytonas–Bucket ‘T’ (Mala)
  • The Locos–Guantanamera Rock (RCA Victor)
  • The Amboy Dukes–Baby Please Don’t Go (Mainstream)
  • The Spencer Davis Group–Somebody Help Me (Atco)
  • Memphis Horns–I Can’t Turn You Loose (Cotillion)
  • The Foundations–Build Me Up Buttercup (Uni)
  • The Ever-Green Blues–Midnight Confessions (Mercury)
  • Mighty Sparrow–Calypso Boogaloo (RA)
  • The Webs–Let’s Party (Atlantic)
  • Gino Washington–Gino Is a Coward (Ric-Tic)
  • Gary (U.S.) Bonds–Perdido – Part I (LeGrand)
  • The Fendermen–Mule Skinner Blues (Soma)
  • King Size Taylor and the Dominoes–Sweet Little Sixteen (Midnight)
  • Milt Rogers and His Orchestra–Let’s Go Trippin’ (Dot)
  • The Carnabeats–Chu Chu Chu (Philips; Japan)
  • The Rats–Got to See My Baby Every Day (Rust)
  • The Zephyrs–I Can Tell (Columbia; UK)
  • The Doors–Take It As It Comes (Elektra; UK)
  • Eddy Mitchell–Tu Ne Peux Pas (I’m Crying) (Barclay; France)
  • The Downbeats–One at a Time (Wilco)
  • The High Numbers–I’m the Face (Back Door; UK)
  • The Velvet Underground–I’m Waiting for My Man (M-G-M; UK)
  • Max Frost and the Troopers–The Max Frost Theme (Tower)
  • The Habits–Need You (Decca; UK)
  • Tony Kaye & the Heartbeats—Hey, Hey Little Orphan Annie (GMC)
  • Bill Haley y Sus Cometas–Mish-Mash Monkey (Orfeon; Mexico)
  • Spencer Wiggins–Soul City U.S.A. (Goldwax)
  • Millie Small–Carry Go Bring Come (Fontana; UK)
  • The Fleshtones–Take a Walk With the Fleshtones (Naked Language)
  • The South Street Soul Guitars–Soul Fire (Silver Fox)
  • Jerry Lee Lewis–Shotgun Man (Smash)
  • The 4 Seasons–Let’s Hang On (Philips)
  • The Clique–I’m Alive (White Whale)
  • Link Wray–Rumble ‘68 (Heavy)
  • Buddy Guy–I Go Crazy (Silvertone; UK)
  • Horace Bailey–Cool Monkey (Delene)
  • Albert Jones–Monkey Boogaloo (Kapp)
  • The Orchids–That Boy Is Messin’ Up My Mind (Columbia)
  • The Flamin’ Groovies–Headin’ for the Texas Border (Kama Sutra; UK)
  • Plastic Ono Band–Cold Turkey (Apple)
  • Q ‘65–The Life I Live (Decca; UK)
  • Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich–Hold Tight! (Fontana)
  • The Romancers–Don’t Let Her Go (Linda)
  • The Rondels–Back Beat No. 1 (Amy)
  • The Bees–Chicken Payback (Virgin; UK)
  • The Us Four–The Alligator (Rising Sons)
  • Combo Kings–Do the Slow Fizz (Jamie)
  • The Rolling Stones–Connection (London/Pearless; Mexico)
  • The Seeds–Pushin’ Too Hard (GNP Crescendo: UK)
  • Don Gardner–My Baby Likes to Boogaloo (Tru-Glo-Town)
  • The Teen Beats–Big Bad Boss Beat (Original Sound)
  • The Reactors–Do That Thing (Cameo)
  • The Sonics–The Hustler (Etiquette)
  • The Jalopy Five–Wooly Bully (Hit)
  • The Woodpeckers–You Can’t Sit Down (Decca; UK)
  • The Butlers–Shop Around (Parkway)
  • The Kinks–Come On Now (Reprise)
  • Traffic Sound–Fire (Mag; Peru)
  • Julian Covey & the Machine–A Little Bit Hurt (Philips)
  • Los Gatos Negros–La Tierra de las Mil Danzas (Land of 1000 Dances) (Vergara; Spain)
  • Jim Doval and the Gouchos–Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut (Diplomacy)
  • Les Boozers—No, No, No (CBS; Europe)
  • The Clungels–Do the Dog (Artone; Netherlands)
  • Theresa Lindsey–Gotta Find a Way (Correc-Tone)
  • The Lords–Boom Boom (Columbia; Germany)
  • Ronnie and the Pomona Casuals–I Wanna Do the Jerk (Donna)
  • Eddie Bo–We Like Mambo (Ace)
  • The Napoleonic Wars–I Can’t Explain (20th Century-Fox)
  • The In Crowd–Sha-La-La-La-Lee (Star-Club; Germany)
  • The Thirteenth Floor Elevators–Reverberation (Doubt) (International Artists)
  • The Beavers–Why Baby Why (Seven Seas; Japan)
  • Bruno Lomas–Corre Corre (Keep on Running) (Regal; Spain)
  • Pedrito Ramirez con Los Yogis–Louie Louie (Angelo)
  • Yardbirds–I Wish You Would (Epic)
  • Cliff Richard and the Shadows–Do You Want to Dance (Columbia; UK)
  • Las Moskas–Me Voy o Me Quedo (Double Shot of My Baby’s Love) (CBS; Mexico)
  • Los Rockin’ Devils–Gorda A Go Go (It’s Gonna Rain) (Orfeon; Mexico)
  • Elmore James–Stranger Blues (Fire)
  • Billy Johnson Orch.–Whip It Up (Pop-Side)
  • Jimmy Hanna with the Dynamics–Leavin’ Here (Bolo)
  • Hank Jacobs–Elijah Rockin’ With Soul (Call Me)
  • Ted Taylor–You Give Me Nothing to Go On (OKeh)
  • The Matadors–Wobble Wobble (Forbes)
  • James Crawford–Fat Eddie (King)
  • Elliott Shavers–Soul Village (Blaun)
  • The Jaguars–Dance Lonely night (Philips; Japan)
  • The Jay-Jays–So Mystifying (Philips; Netherlands)
  • Takeshi Terauchi & the Bunnys–Summer Boogaloo (Seven Seas; Japan)
  • The Jam–So Sad About Us (Polydor; UK)
  • John Stewart/Scott Engel now known as the Walker Brothers–Greens (Tower)
  • Jocelyne–La La La La La (Polydor; France)
  • The Bunnys–Hey! You Stop! (Seven Seas; Japan)
  • Bobby Fuller Four–Love’s Made a Fool of You (Mustang)
  • The Crawdaddys–Why Don’t You Smile Now (Voxx)
  • MC 5–Tonight (Atlantic)
  • Eric Burdon and the Animals–That Ain’t Where It’s At (M-G-M)
  • The Pleasures–Plaything (RSVP)
  • Shorty Long–Wind It Up (Soul)
  • Rosco Gordon–Jessie James (Jomada)
  • El Pauling and Royal Abbit–Come On Let’s Have a Good Time (Federal)
  • The Del-Knights–Everybody Popeye (Bronko)
  • The Lou Bennett Quartet–Last Night (RCA; France)
  • Googie Rene Combo–Smokey Joe’s La La (Class)
  • Les Yper Sound–Too Fortiche (Fontana; Italy)
  • John Hill–Bug Eyes (Amy)
  • The Maytals–Do the Boogaloo (Beverlys; UK)

None of these records are for sale.


Lenny & the Instrumentals!

Lenny Kaye displays his Les Fantomes EP at the DYNAGROOVE! Click on the photo to make it big-O-fied!!

October’s DYNAGROOVE will go down in history as one of the finest! Guest DJ was the one and only Lenny Kaye, the legendary guitarist for the Patti Smith Group! He and host Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus devoted the evening to the playing of instrumental recordings, all on 45 RPM (well, seven-inches, really, as records by Los Clevers (Argentina) and The Bunnys (Japan) play at 33 1/3 RPM).  All sorts of styles were played, even reaching into the C&W bag when Mr. Kaye pulled out his Speedy West record, and The Boog spun a cumbia from Peru. Mr. Kaye played a swingin’ Turkish jam and our Greek friend Dimitri got up and performed an exotic dance!

Dimitri swings at the DYNAGROOVE!

As often happens in the last hour of the DYNAGROOVE, Mr. Kaye and Phast Phreddie traded spins. Phast spun “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Sounds Incorporated only for Mr. Kaye to counter with “Saber Dance” by Love Sculpture! That’s how it goes at the DYNAGROOVE!

At five critical moments during the evening, records belonging to Miss SepiaTone, a DJ recently returned to Brooklyn from warmer climes, were aired—quite possibly the best selections of the evening! Indeed, both veteran record collectors Mr. Kaye and Phast were scrambling to add some of these sides to their own respective want lists–including “Bop Cat Stomp” by King Charles.

Lenny and the Boog covet Miss SepiaTone's groovy instrumental 45 at the DYANAGROOVE!

As regular Boogaloo Blog readers are aware, Teddy’s Bar & Grill, where the DYNAGROOVE takes place on the second Friday of the month, is a super fine restaurant. The Boog has eaten there often and can’t recommend the food highly enough. Although he has been hosting events at Teddy’s for over three years, it was only at this most recent DYNAGROOVE that he has had the opportunity to sample its banana split. This fruity and frozen confection can only be described with one word: GODHEAD!! Excellent strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream covered with chopped nuts and hot fudge resting between two slices of caramelized banana—this is what desert is all about!!

Miss SepiaTone displays the most fabulous banana split in the world!!

All of this terrific activity—except for the banana split—was streamed over Teddy’s new Web-O-Net radio program, Teddy’s Radio Hour. Unable to dig the DYNAGROOVE in person? Next month, dig it on the Web-O-Net!!

The records Miss SepiaTone played are listed, following Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus’ complete program:

  • Lester Young–Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid (Aladdin)
  • Jr. Walker & the All Stars–Cleo’s Back (Soul)
  • Earl Bostic and His Orchestra–Temptation (King)
  • John Coltrane–Love Thy Neighbor (Prestige)
  • Gilberto and His Orchestra–Pelé (Smash)
  • Les McCann–Que Rico (World-Pacific)
  • Johnny Green Combo–Desert Gold (Hava Nagila Rock) (Gee)
  • Johnny Hammond Smith–Open House Part 1 (Riverside)
  • Dave ‘Baby’ Cortez–Summertime (Clock)
  • Count Basie and His Orchestra–Watermelon Man (Verve)
  • Bill Doggett–The Rail (King)
  • Art Butler–Ode to Billie Joe (Epic)
  • Lord Rockingham’s XI–Blue Train (Decca; UK)
  • Theolonious Monk Trio–Blue Monk (Prestige)
  • Los Mirlos–La Danza de Los Mirlos (Dinsa; Peru)
  • Roland Alphonso and the Berverly’s All Stars–El Toro (Beverley’s)
  • Willie Bobo–1-2-3 (Uno-Dos-Tres) (Verve)
  • Freddie Roach–You’ve Got Your Troubles (Prestige)
  • Nelson Riddle–Route 66 Theme (Capitol)
  • Mike Sharpe–Spooky (Liberty)
  • Sonny Criss–Eleanor Rigby (Prestige)
  • The Soulful Strings–Paint It Black (Cadet)
  • Earl Bostic and His Orchestra–Harlem Nocturne (King)
  • No artist listed–La Panthere Cosmique (MP2000; France)
  • The Hip Sound–Far Out (Limelight)
  • Joe Maphis–Moonshot (Columbia)
  • Conny and the Bellhops–Bop Sticks (R)
  • Earl (Good-Rockin’) Brown–Shake It (Shirley)
  • Paul Gayten–The Hunch (Anna)
  • Jerry Green & the Passengers–Puerto Rico (Atlantic)
  • U.S. Warren–The Drop Pt. II (Chytown)
  • Johnny C. & the Blaze’s–Ebony (Chattahoochee)
  • Abraham & the Casanovas–Soul Power (Murco)
  • Billy Strange–Our Man Flint (GNP Crescendo)
  • Billy Dee and the Super-Chargers–Curb – Service (Westford)
  • Willene Barton and Her Trio—Rice Pudding (Skymac)
  • The Ventures–Green Onions (Liberty; France)
  • Los Clever’s–Enciende Mi Fuego (Light My Fire) (Disc Jockey; Argentina)
  • Quincy Jones–Hot Sake (Mercury)
  • Benny Poole–Pearl Baby Pearl (Latin Boo-Ga-Loo) (Solid Hit)
  • The Demonstrators–Ultra-Violet (Warner Bros.)
  • Mongo Santamaria–Sunshine of Your Love (Atlantic)
  • The Nilsmen–The Sand Step (RJR; Sweden)
  • The Bunnys–The Rising Guitar (Seven Seas; Japan)
  • Rockin’ Rebels–Burn Baby Burn (Stork)
  • The Five Steps–These Boots Are Made for Walking (Dade)
  • The Van-Dells–Honeydripper (Stax)
  • Bill Smith Combo–Loco (Chess)
  • Orchestra directed by Joseph Gershenson–The Pompeii Club (Decca)
  • David Whitaker–Strip Poker at Caesar’s Palace [from the EP Ce Soir Apreès Dîner] (Jockey; France)
  • Carlos Malcolm and the Fireburners–Busting Out of the Ghetto (AJP)
  • The Observers–Dub 91 (Observer; Jamaica)
  • Sir White and His Sounds–Doin’ the Scratch (Redbug)
  • Alex Keenan–Fuzz (Colgems)
  • Jay Nelson and the Jumpers–Sleepy Time Rock (Excello)
  • Tony Valla and the Alamos–Pork Chops (Hi-Q)
  • Sounds Incorporated–In the Hall of the Mountain King (Liberty)
  • The Flintstones–Safari (His Master’s Voice; UK)
  • Hank Jacobs–Bacon Fat (Sue)
  • Mel Taylor–Spanish Armada (Warner Bros.)
  • Blue Comets–Blue Comets ’66 (Epic)
  • The Tornados–Life on Venus (Decca; UK)
  • Little Duck & the Quackers–Excuse Me (Ronn)
  • Keith Mansfield & His Orchestra–Boogaloo (Epic)

Miss SepiaTone’s picks:

  • Jimmy Nolen–After Hours (Federal)
  • Stories In Sound–Space Battle (Stories In Sound [Div. of Jack Bee])
  • The Decades–On Sunset (Lady Luck)
  • The Newport Nomads–Blue Mallard (Prince)
  • King Charles–Bop Cat Stomp (Folk-Star)

None of these records are for sale.


Jersey City Boogaloo Riot!!

Records recently acquired at the Jersey City Record Riot! Click on it to see it big-o-fied!!

The Jersey City Record Riot is one of several sister Record Riots of the Brooklyn Record Riot often discussed on The Boogaloo Blog. A recent one was held on Saturday September 28 at the Grove PATH Train Pavilion in downtown Jersey City, New Jersey. A Record Riot is basically a record show—sometimes called a record fair, and on the West Coast they are known as record swap meets. However, the Record Riot promoters add a nice touch by inviting local DJs come and spin records to provide shopping music. Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus was asked to do so on this date.

The Boog has been to several Record Riots—sure, nearly every Brooklyn Record Riot, but one in Pennsylvania and another in Connecticut, too. He ALWAYS finds good 45s to spin for the attendees of his DJ events and thought that this day would be no different. Therefore, he did not want to take up too much room in his record bag with records to be played when the bag may be filled with newly acquired 45s. Thus, three lengthy LP tracks were played in order to keep from carrying around too much heavy vinyl.

However, the dealers that were present at this particular Jersey City Record Riot did not have very many 45s for sale—thus The Boog’s back was not broken from carrying so many records around. Plus, he saved some money! His DJ portion of the program went much better, with several folks—including dealers, shoppers and folks who just popped out of the nearby PATH Train station—coming over to compliment The Boog on his excellent taste in selecting music on such a fine afternoon.

Here’s a list of what The Boog played:

  • Steve Marcus–Tomorrow Never Knows [from LP Tomorrow Never Knows] (Vortex)
  • Bob Thiele and His New Happy Times Orchestra featuring Gabor Szabo–Light My Fire [from LP Light My Fire] (Impulse)
  • The Trinidad Serenaders–Limbo Like Me [from LP Limbo--The Latest Party Dance Craze] (Columbia)
  • Naomi Davis–Promised Land (Daptone)
  • Black Blood–A.I.E. (A Mwana) (Mainstream)
  • The Wailers–Jerk in Time (CoxSone; Japan)
  • The City Rhythm Six–Stop Drugs Now (Krass)
  • Eli Paperboy Reed–WooHoo (Warner Bros.)
  • Funk Shone–Purification Pt. 1 (Skyline)
  • Zongo Junction–The Van That Got Away (Primary)
  • Niney & the Observers–Blood & Fire (Observers; Jamaica)
  • Sarah Vaughan–Fever (Mercury)
  • The Above–Flake Out (Castile)
  • Quitty & the Don’ts–All of You (Don’t Record)
  • Jackie deShannon–When You Walk in the Room (Liberty)
  • Billy Brooks with Red Saunders Band–Mambo Is Everywhere (Duke)

None of these records are for sale.

By the way, the next Brooklyn Record Riot will take place at The Warsaw on October 27. Make your plans now. Expect a lineup of all female DJs!! More info HERE!!